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Edgewater Resources was founded with the goal of enhancing communities and their waterfronts, with a focus on planning, design and engineering solutions based in economic reality. Its mission is to help owners build on their natural strengths to identify and implement projects that foster long-term economic prosperity within a context of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The company’s combined background in design, development,
construction and operations allows it to create sustainable marinas that are beautiful, functional, durable and financially feasible. Edgewater Resources develops plans that can actually be financed and built, and creates projects that achieve measurable economic benefits to the larger community.

Edgewater Resources

The design of the ThruFlow™ decking system allows light and water to
penetrate decking, helping to protect the environment beneath. ThruFlow has been scientifically proven to reduce a facility’s environmental footprint by as much as 10-20 percent on seagrasses or submerged aquatic vegetation benefiting all other life that depend on these things for survival. The grated 0.8 static coefficient of friction non-slip surface of ThruFlow is comfortable, never hot to walk on and exclusively ADA compliant for both ramp and deck surfaces. The company says its decking creates comfortable, maintenance-free access without creating dead area for marine vegetation.



By offering a product portfolio consisting of composite pilings, composite sheet pile, composite structural shapes and artificial reefs, Pearson Pilings is committed to creating structures that allow future generations to enjoy the environment while allowing natural resources to flourish. With its design,
engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Pearson said it is able to offer project solutions that are stronger than other material solutions, positive for the environment, and costeffective. Building with composites allows projects to be built in sensitive areas, but create no impact and actually improve the health of an ecosystem.

Pearson Pilings


Clean Marine Solutions® said its Vanish Wastewater Treatment and Recycling SystemsTM are designed and built to meet present and anticipated environmental compliance regulations concerning powerwash wastewater. The company helps potential customers sort through powerwash wastewater regulations so that they can make the most of their finances. The systems are modular. If discharge to a sewer is presently permitted, the marina may only need the Vanish Treatment System. If regulations change and discharge is not permitted or the regulatory burdens become too high, customers can purchase the system with Ultraviolet Water Purification and plug it in to the treatment system.

Clean Marine Solutions

The Patent Pending ROC Oil Cling Pads (Rapid Oil Containment) are made from a specially blended polyethylene film laminate. The innovative design, 14” x 14”, 2 ply pad, is sealed on all four sides, with perforated holes every square inch. The perforations allow the hydrocarbons to migrate to the interior of the pad. The pad uniquely holds the oil in the pad when removed from the
water, while not absorbing water. The multi-layered, multisurfaced, pad is light-weight, oil attracting and water repelling. Testing proves the ROC Oil Cling Pad picks up and holds 40 to 60 percent more hydrocarbons than conventional pads on the market today.

Murrenhil Corp.

Oil CLig

MoistureShield® wood-plastic composite decking’s durability, design flexibility and long lasting appearance make for a dock surfacing that will look good and last even in the harshest climates and conditions. With more than 20 years of performance, MoistureShield composite decking can be installed on or in the ground or underwater without voiding the warranty. MoistureShield decking products are made of 95 percent recycled content and have been verified by the ICC-ES under its Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation (SAVE) Program. It is available in seven colors including tropical hardwood-inspired hues, Walnut and TigerWood.


Marina Accessories’ energy efficient Marina Trash Skimmer (MTS) works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week collecting trash. It can also soak up oil sheen and trap floating debris. The units are portable, cost effective and easy to maintain, and the company says water quality has been proven to be significantly improved wherever a skimmer is located. To date more than a million pounds of trash has been collected.

Marina Accessories

The rotomolded dock box from Trionics is green just siting on the dock. During the manufacturing and disposal process, rotational molding uses an environmentally friendly FDA polyethylene resin and manufacturing process, which creates only minimal scrap material that can be immediately recycled back into the manufacturing process. The company said its rotationally molded dock boxes are durable and they don’t have to be replaced very often. They can also be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, so it will not end up in the landfill.



Global Dock and Marina Systems’ new floating dock system, Eco-dock, has been evaluated by TechBlue to be a completely “BLUE” system and can help facilities achieve Clean Marina certification. The company says the dock system is environmentally inert and can be recycled. The dock system is appropriate for any marina application and requires no heavy equipment for assembly or installation. The company says this can significantly reduce the carbon footprint for a marina construction.

Global Dock and Marina Systems

Xccent Marina offers the Steel Dek Eco Series Marina Decking. The design of the Eco Series addresses the need for ADA compliance and maintains 60 percent open area to sustain aquatic habitat below, making it an eco-friendly decking products, the company says. Eco Series Decking is certified LEED and can help with Clean Marina certification. The decking is comprised of steel, coated in plastisol, to give it durability and strength.

Marina Dock Parts

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