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Oil Absorbent

American Green Ventures introduced its SpillFix Organic Absorbent, available through the JEGS catalog and website. Made of 100 percent renewable organic material, SpillFix instantly absorbs hazardous liquid spills on contact including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling faster, cleaner, safer and more effective clean up with minimal downtime. Until now, this spill absorbent has been available only to industrial users. Available in three-quart jars (absorbent capacity two quarts), a seven-pound bag (absorbent capacity two gallons), and a 20-pound bag (absorbent capacity seven gallons).

American Green Ventures


Network Solution

EnGenius Technologies, Inc., a provider of networking and telecommunications solutions announced the availability of the EnGenius ezMaster™ Network Management Software. The network solution added the free ezMaster software to the comprehensive portfolio of Neutron Series of enterprise-class managed access points (APs) and WLAN controller switches. The scalable Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution enables users to easily deploy and manage a few or 1,000+ Neutron Series APs and controller switches to support 10,000+ concurrent users on an unlimited number of networks.

EnGenius Technologies, Inc.


Marine Barrier System

Sea Hawk Paints introduces a new low VOC (volatile organic compounds) versions of its Tuff Stuff Premium Blister Protection System. The new Tuff Stuff low VOC products comply with the rigid VOC limits, set by the California Air Quality Management Board and offer marine service professionals and do-it-yourselfers a low VOC alternative when applying water barrier or corrosion protection coatings to their vessels. Yielding the same superior results as the original Tuff Stuff products, the company said the new low VOC version is extremely effective for blister protection on fiberglass or as a bilge coating because of its resistance to both water and oil.

Sea Hawk Paints


Antifouling System

Pettit Marine Paint released a new superyacht anitifouling system, the Pettit XL Line. The package consists of Pettit’s line of top-selling antifouling products and sold specifically for the large boat market. The Ultima® SR60 multi-season copolymer uses the highest ablative copper load possible (60 percent). Building on the proven technology of Trinidad product line, Trinidad PRO has high copper, hard finish formula that is incredibly durable. The company said its Trinidad PRO’s protective coating has excellent adhesion and withstands the toughest use. The package also includes Vivid® for bright color bottompaint, Hydrocoat® ECO for an environmentally friendly option and Pettit Protect®, a two component epoxy coating.

Pettit Marine Paint


Deck Screws

Starborn Industries, Inc. has introduced a new two-inch version of the Cap-Tor® xd PVC and Composite deck screw. This new shorter version of the Cap-Tor xd screw is designed to attach PVC and composite decking to rooftop sleeper systems or for use in other applications where standard 2-1/2” or 2-3/4” Cap-Tor xd screws are too long. The two-inch version is available with an epoxy-based polymer resin coating in colors to match most popular decking products. “We’ve seen a growing demand for rooftop decks in urban areas throughout the U.S.,” said Starborn’s Larry Crossley. “The new two-inch Cap-Tor xd screw is a direct response to this trend, and adds to our growing line of face- and plug-fastening options for rooftop decks.”

Starborn Industries, Inc.


Non-Metallic Inlet

SmartPlug Systems introduces a non-metallic inlet with a new mounting flange and streamlined cover design. It has 30A/125V and 50A/125/250V models for the U.S. market. The inlet is also available in 16A/230V and 32A/230V for Europe. The company said its double-side locking clips and sleeved inlet design provide a rock-solid connection. A power indicator lens lets users know when the cordset is providing power. Owners can also upgrade to a safety thermostat option, which shuts off power if the inlet becomes overheated. It automatically turns back on once the temperature has cooled down to a safe level.

SmartPlug Systems


Docking Line

BuoyRope is a docking line that allows the user to set the boat fender at the perfect height and secure it to the dock at the same time. When BuoyRope is not in use, the company said the fender can be removed and used to tie down and secure inflatables, coolers, fishing gear, life jackets, etc. BuoyRope comes in black, pacific blue, red or yellow and is five feet in length.



Boat Brush

Shurhold Industries offers the Soft/Medium Combo Brush, a six-inch brush that features a deck brush with long soft fibers for cleaning and medium short fibers for scrubbing. According to the company, as users push down harder, the stiffer fibers take over to clean the stained area. The brush also snaps into any of the company’s handles and features a solid wood base with rubber wraparound bumper.

Shurhold Inudstries


Decking Screw

Starborn Industries introduces a new longer version of its Deckfast® Metal screw for attaching two-inch PVC, composite or hardwood decking to steel and aluminum framing. Starborn said the deck screws were specifically designed in response to a growing demand for lower maintenance decks. The new 2-3/8" Deckfast Metal screw is the only product on the market designed to attach two-inch (nominal) decking materials to metal framing. It is also the only screw approved for attaching two-inch decking to Trex Elevations steel framing. Deckfast Metal is available in ten different colors to match all of the most popular PVC, composite and hardwood decking products on the market.

Starborn Industries


Fishing Rod Dock Box

Highway Products Inc. introduces the Rod Locker dock box. It measures 96 inches long and holds eight fishing rods with space for other boating goodies. The company has a 35-year background in the semi-truck storage box industry and uses the same tough material for its dock box, manufactured at its 50,000-square-foot facility. President Gene Gros, Highway Products said, “We use the same materials as our truck boxes with a lifetime warranty. We also have a line of aluminum fishing and wake boats called Pavati Marine.”

Highway Products Inc.


Booking App

Dockwa is a unified booking and marketing platform that connects boaters to marinas. It is a convenient way for boaters to book their transient reservations at marinas. Boaters download the app, and can explore, reserve and pay at their favorite marina, in a matter of minutes. Marinas confirm the reservation, collect payment, and deposit the customer’s information into their database with a single click. Dockwa is based out of Newport, Rhode Island, and recently merged with its only other competitor in the northeast, DockHop. The two companies will be combining their technology and teams and operating under the Dockwa brand. This merger will considerably expand the footprint of Dockwa along the East Coast.



Floating Toilet

Poralu Marine Group is launching Greencube, which is a pontoon on the docks for treating sewage simply and ecologically. The stand-alone floating toilet block pontoon was developed in collaboration with SODEAL. The Greencube can include toilets, showers and laundry facilities, as well as a micro sewage treatment plant. The company said the toilet block has been designed to be aesthetic as well as functional and accessible to people with reduced mobility. The plant operates noiselessly without the need to be connected to a drainage network and does not give off odors. The treated water can be reused as no solvents or pollutant ingredients are used in treatment.

Poralu Marine


Waterproof Primer Coat

Pettit Marine Paint introduces its advanced premium epoxy primer, Pettit Protect© with Mica Shield Technology. A heavy-duty, two-component, epoxy coating, Pettit Protect© provides resistance in both fresh and saltwater. Pettit Paint© incorporates slate Mica into the epoxy resin, which is longer, wider and overlaps likes shingles on a roof to create an impenetrable structural barrier. It works well with any pleasure craft. Offered in gray and white, the primer coat is made of a high-solid formula to allow for quick and easy application with fewer coats necessary to be effective and also offers corrosion protection on all underwater metals.

Pettit Marine Paint


Deck Skirt

Sky Leap, LLC introduces a patent pending deck skirt, for use between a floating dock and fixed decking area. The deck skirt is made of sturdy UV resistant material. It prevents people and pets from getting caught in the gap. The company says it is easy to install and customize and require little or no maintenance. The product can be integrated into new construction or retrofitted to an existing dock.

Sky Leap, LLC


Retractable Mooring Line

BōT RōP (Boat Rope) is a retractable mooring line that replaces traditional three-strand lines and toe-stubbing cleats. The patent-pending device stores and protects the double braided line and plastic-coated snap hook inside a rust-proof enclosure. The company said its product is simple to use and sits flush with the dock. To operate, open the lockable cover, draw out the required amount of line, and close the cover. The line can be set to automatically lock in place, or extend and retract for tidal conditions. When ready to cast off, the cover is easily opened and the line instantly retracts. To help find the unit after dark, a solar-powered LED light is installed on the cover.



Dispenser Cart

BETA Fueling Systems introduces a solar powered fuel dispenser cart for marine applications, designed for flowrates of 100 gallons per minute (gpm) up to 150 gpm through interchangeable nozzles. The cart is made of stainless steel pipework and aluminum framework. It is corrosion resistant and UV resistant, with a zero turn radius. It has three interchangeable nozzles that adapt the fuel pressure to deliver an optimum flowrate, and a 75-foot delivery hose with an electric rewind hose reel. The cart includes important safety features including emergency stop buttons, breakaway nozzles an electric control handle to stop fueling on demand.

BETA Fueling Systems


Shrinkwarp Belt Clip

Dr. Shrink introduces a belt clip for its Shrinkfast Heat Tool, so installers can wear it at their side. The device also helps prevent damage to the heat tool from dropping or mishandling. With 212,000 BTUs of power, the company said the Shrinkfast 998 heat gun can help wrap almost anything. An ergonomic design and fan-shaped combustor deliver even, steady heat.

Dr. Shrink


Adjustable Pile Guide

Merco Marine offers an adjustable pile guide, which can accommodate piling within the range of the holder, from 9 ¾-inch to 18 ½ inches. The pile guide system has a roller assembly, and the unit can also be set up in a rectangular shape.

Merco Marine


Mooring System

PSI Marine introduces TideSlide, a mooring system with a solid 316L stainless steel shaft from 1 inches to 24 inches in diameter, which eliminates slack in docklines, on all size vessels. TideSlide increases the overall strength of lines and cleats by eliminating inertial loading. The system uses a polymer mooring block and a built-in hook for stowage, and will secure boats against wind and waves.

PSI Marine


Docking Platform

HydroHoist Marine Group introduces a new docking platform for personal watercraft. The Hydroport Pro™, made of polyethylene with a molded-in tie down and patented bow bumper, which slows the forward motion of the PWC and provides a soft rest for the keel. The HydroPort Pro allows for front- or side-mounting, and works with fixed or floating docks. Connecting hardware can link multiple front-mounted units together.

HydroHoist Marine Group



Marine Travelift Inc. announced a new addition to its Mariner product lineup: its largest lift-capacity forklift to date. The M2800 Mariner Forklift is scheduled to ship to the first customer later this year. The machine will allow marinas and boatyards to handle loads up to 27,000 pounds. The M2800 also has greater lifting capacity to accommodate higher storage racks. The company says the forklift has full lift capacity at greater distances and technology to reduce maintenance and operations.

Marine Travelift

Mobile Booking Platform

DockHop is a web and mobile booking platform that allows boaters to search for and reserve dockage at marinas. The company says the business is dedicated to connecting marinas with the next generation of boaters that have grown accustomed to being able to search and reserve services online and on their phones. While the initial focus of DockHop will be to help boaters find and reserve slips and moorings during the 2015 boating season, the platform also enables them to locate storage facilities when the off-season approaches.



Web Management Platform

Molo has launched a new marina management platform on the iPad and web for marinas and yacht clubs. The system works with cloud technology without the need for servers, networks or IT employees. The system is accessible through an iPad or web browser and backed up to secure cloud servers. The service is subscription-based and priced to the number of slips in the marina. Boaters can create reservations with a few clicks and payments can be processed in the office or boat-side on an iPad.



Automated Boat Cover

Sunstream Boat Lifts launched the SwiftShield™ line of automated boat covers, which will cover and uncover a boat in seconds. They provide protection from the elements and added security. The A-Series is a fully automatic cover system powered with hydraulics and operated with a remote control. This design actuates an arm with a spring-loaded roller and three-dimensional cover over the boat. The semi-automatic S-Series rolls the cover on a roller that is mounted in front of the boat. The SwiftShield S-Series mounts to almost any boat lift, regardless of the make or model, or to a dock.

Sunstream Boat Lifts


Swim Enclosure

Mod-U-Dock, Inc. introduces the Swim Enclosure for lake and river swimming without mud, muck or seaweed. With a solid bottom, there is no fear of the unknown or exposure to bottom dangers. Using the same modular sections that constitute the Mod-U-Dock dock system, the enclosures are moveable and can come in a variety of different sizes. The company said maintenance is minimal, and it provides a shallow, safe swimming environment for marinas.



Antifouling Paint

Pettit Marine Paint introduced a water-based antifouling paint, Neptune 5. The new hybrid paint creates a strong film for touch marine environments, yet it self-polishes similar to a season ablative. Neptune 5 has no strong solvent smell and has a low VOC release. Neptune 5 can be placed over other bottom paints, and it requires no respirator for application or sanding between coats.

Pettit Marine Paint


Deck Railing

Trex Company expanded its railing portfolio with the introduction of an ADA-compliant secondary handrails and aluminum gates. Trex said the gates and handrails are designed to blend with all Trex railing options and offer an extra level of safety, strength and accessibility to a deck. The new gates can be customized to fit nearly any opening up to 48 inches wide with welded panels and slide-on posts. Trex also offers adjustable hinges with a locking latch. The gates and the ADA-compliant aluminum handrail comes in three colors – Charcoal Black, Bronze and Classic White.

Trex Company


Dockline Snubber

Davis Intruments introduces DockShockle to add a shock absorber to docklines. Available in black, the 12-inch DockShockle safety absorbs shock loads on smaller boats up to 40 feet in length. It features a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads. It also has a 316 stainless steel carabiner on each end to allow for quick adjustment. DockShockle is made of 2,500 lb. test nylon webbing with an outer sheath of 3,500 lb. test tubular nylon webbing. This material is UV resistant to protect all internal parts. For optimal DockShockle performance, the ideal working slack in a line is 3 to 6 inches. Like all line snubbers, DockShockle is used in line with the load.

Davis Instruments



HydroHoist Marine Group introduces a new line of boatlifts. The HarborHoist™ level lifting frame features rugged polyethylene tanks and a marine aluminum frame structure. Because of the design and components used, this lift is ideal for salt or brackish water application. The hoist is compatible with fixed or floating docks, and works in a U-shaped slip, double-wide slip, L-shaped docks and square docks. The hull supports can be configured for nearly all boat styles. The HarborHoist is currently available in three sizes: 4400, 6600, and 8800. The lift comes with either a standard AC control unit or optional solar/DC.

HydroHoist Marine Group


Shrink Wrap Cap

Dr. Shrink offers the Super Cap, designed to transfer the weight of snow, ice and rain from the top of 2-inch by 4-inch support poles used under shrink wrap storage covers. After the harsh winter of 2013 – 2014, the company designed the cap to prevent support poles from poking through the shrink wrap storage covers when heavy snow sits on top of them. Pre-formed in a dome shape and 20 inches in diameter, the Super Cap rests on the woven cord strapping that runs both lengthwise and crosswise on boats. A Super Cap can be attached to wooden uprights with either a nail or staples.

Dr. Shrink


Heat Tool Extender

Dr. Shrink introduces the new Shrinkfast 2-foot X-Tender, an accessory to add length to an existing 2-, 4-, or 6-foot Shrinkfast 998. The extension installation is a push button system to reach difficult shrinkwrap jobs. The Shrinkfast 998 heat gun delivers 212,000 BTUs of power. The company says it has an ergonomic design and fan-shaped combustor, which provides a steady heat pattern.

Dr. Shrink


PVC Decking Plug

Starborn Industries introduces the Pro Plug® system for PVC decking and trim. The new system offers a similar finish as wood, with a quick installation. Specifically designed for PVC decking and trim, it features plugs made from PVC material so color and match. The system is being lauched with plugs for Azek and TURboard decking. Other decking manufacturers will be available soon. By using plugs as the fastening method, the fasteners are hidden, with the added strength of driving screws through the face of the deck and trim boards. The plug system also includes star drive fasteners in stainless steel and epoxy-coated steel.

Starborn Industries


Boat Stands

HOSTAR offers boat stands and dollies for proper boat storage. The stands work for powerboats and sailboats and with a stacking feature, the boats can be stored without bulky cradles and when boats are in the water, the stands stack out of the way. HOSTAR boat stands provide 108 square inches of ground contact, so no dunnage is needed. They feature angle iron construction, so stands can be repainted as needed. Titan dollies are engineered to handle boats from 10,000 to 25,000 lbs. The expandable frames can position each dolly pad for the ideal hull support. HOSTAR offers more than a dozen standard models, or they can be custom ordered.

HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems


Oversize Shrinkwrap

Dr. Shrink offers new 60-foot wide shrinkwrap to make it easier to cover large boats, with one-piece coverage. The wrap is available in a 60' W x 100' L, 10-mil size. Offered in white, it reflects heat and keeps covered assets cool. Similar to Dr. Shrink's other shrinkwraps, it's constructed from 100 percent virgin resin and contains maximum UV inhibitors. The company also offers wraps with widths between 12 feet and 50 feet.

Dr. Shrink


Boat Surface Coating

Sea-Shield introduces Sea-Shield Ceramic, a non-toxic surface coating designed for marine vessels in harsh environments. Sea-Shield Ceramic permanently bonds to most surfaces. It protects from UV rays, corrosion, hard water, salt and exhaust build up while providing a super gloss and mirror-like shine. It also uses the Sea-Shield Exhaust Guard® technology, a resin-based surface sealant designed to seal and protect finishes from black streaks, engine exhaust, industrial fallout, salt air, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. It also seals and protects paint, gel coat and hypalon, and provides a wet look shine.



Shrinkwrapping Tool

To provide better support when using the Shrinkfest 998 Heat Tool with an extension, Dr. Shrink offers the Shrinkfast Arm Assist Clip. The clip reduces stress on a user’s forearm when heating shrinkwrap with an extension. The lightweight aluminum design allows for one-handed shrink wrapping. The Arm Assist Clip will fit any Shrinkfast® 998 heat tool and works with the 2-foor, 4-foot and 6-foot extensions.

Dr. Shrink


Fuel Additive

Biobar introduces two new fuel additives -- Biobor® Cold Flo with Lubribor and Biobor® DC. Biobor DC was developed to provide a cost effective and comprehensive conditioning treatment for large diesel users. Biobor® DC provides stabilization, lubricity, detergency and water control and is available in both a SUMMER and WINTER formula. Biobar Cold Flo has been reformulated with Lubribor for concentrated protection for cold weather operation. The company said testing has shown that Cold Flo will reduce the CFPP of diesel fuel by an average of 24 degrees F at the regular maintenance treat rate of 1 : 1,500 gallons.



Wireless PA System

Ritron Inc. offers the Loudmouth® Wireless PA system for use with an existing portable two-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages at a distance of up to two miles away. The company said it is idea for varied situations including general paging or announcements, weather emergencies and security announcements. The wireless PA systems includes a one-channel radio receiver, flex atenna, a recharable emergency back-up battery, a 110VAC power supply and a separate PA horn/speaker that attaches to the receiver. The receiver and PA are activated by the two-way radio, which serves as a microphone.

Ritron Inc.


Dockbox Wax

MoBox Marine offers dockbox was that is specially formulated for use with its ISO/NPG gel coats. The company said it creates a long-lasting shine on dockboxes. The MoBox Marine dockboxes are made of thick fiberglass with stainless steel gas springs to help raise the lid and keep it open. The lids are attached with marine grade aluminum hinges and stainless steel fasteners.

MoBox Marine


Decking Color

Trex Company has expanded its Trex® Transcend® decking collection to include a new light grey color called Island Mist. This calm, silvery shade features streaking that mimics the natural look and feel of aged tropical hardwood, and is designed to be a cooler complement to the three existing tropical-inspired shades and the five earth-tone hues. Like all Trex Transcend decking options, the company said Island Mist features durability, low-maintenance and eco-friendly qualities.

Trex Company


Composite Decking

Titan Deck’s newest product is the Open X-Series boards, offering 47 percent open area, which allows enough sunlight to penetrate vegetation and sea life below. The company said this product meets all U.S. government regulations for open area requirements. The design allows minimal damage from wind, waves, high water and storm surges. Titan Deck is marine decking made out of 100 percent polypropylene and won’t rot, warp, dent, splinter or bend, and does not require staining or painting. It has added UV inhibitors to prevent fading and is backed with a 12-year limited warranty.

Titan Deck


Dock Line Tracers

Shakespeare® Company, LLC introduces reflective dock lines to easier locate them on a cleat or post at night. Special Visiflect™ reflective tracers woven directly into the jacket make lines detectable at a distance of up to 200 feet. The company said the double-braided nylon rope construction offers strength and shock absorption. Resisting abrasion, rot, mildew and oil as well as UV rays, the lines can be stored wet or dry. Shakespeare's reflective dock lines are offered in black, red or white and feature a 12-inch pre-spliced eye for docking. Three different sizes are available to accommodate boats up to 45 feet: 3/8-inch W x15-feet L; ½-inch W x 25-feet L; and 5/8-inch W x 25-feet L.

Shakespeare Company, LLC


Ethanol Treatment

The makers of Biobor® JF, a diesel additive and biocide, now offers a fuel ethanol treatment that stabilizes stored fuel up to 18 months, helps prevent fuel phase separation, cleans gums and deposits that affect performance, adds lubricity, protects elastomers, works for any two or four-cycle engine and provides superior corrosion protection. Overall, Biobor® EB provides complete protection against the negative effects of ethanol and the numerous issues faced by fuel engines today.



Pile Bumper

Merco Marine has developed a new 48-inch polyethylene vertical pile bumper. They come in a white or blue color. There are two per box for a total of eight for $22.03 plus shipping. All nails needed for attaching these to wood piling are included. These units are great to use in areas where boats are close to piling, whether it be a stationary pier or floating dock. The Merco Marine product codes are RR-HDPB-W (white) and RR-HDPB-B (blue).

Merco Marine


Dock Line Shock Absorber

Davis Instruments introduces LineSubber, a shock absorber with internal stretch limiter for reduced shock loads on dock lines, towing lines and tie-downs. The life of dock and anchor lines are increased by reducing chafe. The LineSnubber reduces shock to any line, cleat or ground tackle, including bow rollers and rigging, and jarring is also minimized. The company also said noise from creaking dock lines is greatly reduced. The LineSnubber attaches with a clove hitch, or the Davis LineGrabber, which cinches tight around any line. The LineSnubber also compensates for tidal surges and chop from wind waves, and will keep boats centered in their slips.

Davis Instruments


Cloud Software Platform

Scribble Software Inc. introduced MARIAH – Marina and Recreational Internet Applications Home, a cloud platform that helps bring the marina business and its customers together through the Internet and mobile solutions. MARIAH is an extension of MarinaOffice, a marina management software solution. MARIAH provides a multi-tiered user interface that allows marina staff to operate in a business mode and boat owners to operate in a customer mode. Some of the first apps available in MARIAH include MyBoatStatus, a wireless online vessel monitoring solution; On-Line Bill Pay; and MeterWalk, a mobile phone and tablet app.

Scribble Software Inc.

Rope Cleaner

Shurhold Industries introduces the flexible rope and cord brush for cleaning grim off dock lines, best for ½-inch to one-inch diameter rope. It works on twisted and braided lines and other tubular items, such as rub rails, hoses and shore power cords. With the bristles facing the rope, the brush will remove debris the length of the rope.

Shurhold Industries


Drystack Protection

Total Concept Marine introduces a protective canopy, called RackShield™, for protecting against rust and bilge drips during storage. The protective shield is installed vertically between boats in drystack and will extend the rack life. It is made from flame-resistant, antimicrobial, high tensile strength fabric. The absorbent pads below collect oil, bilge drip and grime, and filter clean water to the ground.

Total Concept Marine


Floating Dock Kit

American Muscle Docks introduces the Simple Dock - a floating boat dock that can be built with a simple bolt together rigid box frame system. The company said the lightweight rigid frame makes attaching floats and lumber easier than other complicated kit docks. The kit includes steel and float drums, and cut-to-length decking can be added.

American Muscle Docks


Utility Vehicle

Club Car offers the new Carryall utility vehicles, for marinas that want to switch from pickup trucks to less expensive, greener utility vehicles. A 14-hp d Subaru engine with electronic fuel injection boosts horsepower by 30 percent and fuel efficiency by 50 percent over previous models. The company said self-compensating rack-and-pinion steering and an independent suspension system eliminate vibrations and ensure automotive performance. Rust-proof aluminum frames and aluminum bed boxes with a Rhino® Lining floor improve durability. A configurable, removable track-based attachment system, movable bed divers and cargo ensure fit to task performance. The electric vehicles feature an on-board charger with cord retractor. The high-frequency, solid-state global charger is 92-95 percent efficient, and issues an audible alert when charging begins. It will continue charging during voltage swings.

Club Car


Sheet Piling System

Truline is a vinyl form system to efficiently cast-in-place strong reinforced concrete walls, providing protection against the harsh marine environment for longer service life. As a dual-interlocking system, Truline provides flexibility in wall configurations for seawalls and can be installed as anchored or cantilevered in various soils or pin-piled in cap rock. Install with standard light-duty equipment. Vinyl form material is UV-resistant and co-extruded, available in light gray, sand or beige colors.



Kayak Launch

Kayak Connections introduces a launch for safely boarding a kayak from a dock or seawall, even in fluctuating water levels. Golden Boat Lifts manufactures and distributes the Kayak Launch. It is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. It requires minimal maintenance. The launch is stored above the water, and will not corrode or collect barnacles or algae. Installation requires only four bolts. To operate, the kayak rests on the bunks and a winch lowers it to the water. Kayakers can hold onto grab bars and step onto the kayak. Upon return paddle onto bunks, use the winch to raise the kayak out of water.

Kayak Connections


Pumpout Boat

Marina Dock Parts is offering a 17-foot pumpout boat. The Bullfrog's Z?-degree deep "V" aluminum hull has three comportment polyethylene tubes with flototion foom to provide a stable working platform and will not scratch fiberglass boats. The pumpout boat has a 60 hp Honda Power Thrust, 240-gallon holding tank and different pump options; LOA 18-feet, 10 inches; beam 7-feet, 4-inches; 25-gallon fuel tank, bilge pump and non-skid floor.

Marina Dock Parts


Floating Docks

Wolseley Industrial Group, Industrial Plastics Division, offers custom docks and floats. Since 1984, Industrial Plastics has built more than 2,500 floating structures throughout the world using high-density polyethylene. The material is UV protected and immune to marine or biological attack. The floating structure can use many types of decking, including cedar, pultruded industrial and pedestrian gratings, aluminum or pressure-treated wood. If on-site assembly is not an option, most floating structures can be assembled and then towed to their location.

Wolseley Industrial Group


Formex Introduces Work Float

Formex introduces the work float for working around large vessels and under boats with lifts. With a properly balanced load, the float has 1,800-lb. capacity. It can also fit in the back of a full-size pickup truck.



Dr. Shrink Sling-Shield Protects Vessels

Dr. Shrink introduces boatlift slings to help protect a boat’s finish from marks caused during launch and haul-out. The Sling-Shield is polyethylene continuous tube, made from 100 percent virgin resins. Dr. Shrink said it was designed to resist tearing and punctures, and the slings can also be used to protect sailboat masts during transportation. A Sling-Shield Holder/Dispenser is also available for even easier installation on slings. In addition, Dr. Shrink offers a poly vinyl tape that is used to hold the Sling-Shield to a desired location on a boatlift sling.

Dr. Shrink


Waveblade’s Tool Eats Bio-fouling

Waveblade offers the PowerShark WB3000, which is a rechargeable, submersible handheld tool to remove barnacles and unwanted growth from piles and other dock infrastructure. The PowerShark uses a patented resonant wave technology. Oscillating at a 3,000-rpm frequency with additional harmonics, the tool's cleaning head actually breaks the chemical bond between materials. In the process, the fouling falls away without damaging underlying surfaces. Waveblade says the waterproof tool operates both on land and underwater, with a 20-foot depth rating. The PowerShark bite uses a 12.8V lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery pack. Waveblade says a battery holster and 4.25-inch cord provide mobility, freeing divers or workers from surface power connections. The battery provides a continuous running time of up to 90 minutes, and comes with its own custom charger. The PowerShark is also effective on more than just marine growth; it removes flaking rust, slag or foam rubber matting, and it cleans numerous surfaces, including metals, rubber, PVC, conduit, wood, concrete and fiberglass gel coat with its interchangeable stainless steel blades.



HarborWare introduces Angled Dock Ladder

HarborWare offers the angled dock ladder for getting in and out of the water, or in case of an emergency. Its heavy-duty marine grade aluminum construction is load tested to more than 1,000 pounds. The company also said it features convenient 4-inch-wide comfort steps, wide loop easy-grip handles and a convenient lifting cable, and has the ability to rotate more than 235 degrees.



Floating Lift with Air-Assist

HydroHoist Boat Lifts introduces the first models in a new series of floating boat lift products – the Landing and the SeaPort.The Landing and the SeaPort feature new “air-assist” technology. The company said this system is a hybrid design that mates the best features of HydroHoist’s drive on docking platforms with the convenience of its traditional submersible boatlifts. The hybrid design requires as little as 20 inches of water to lift and launch a boat. The platforms are very versatile and can be installed in a U-shaped slip, or to the side of a dock or seawall. The new hoists are compatible with fixed or floating boat docks. The control centers are available in a standard AC configuration, or an optional, selfcontained, solar charged DC version.

HydroHoist Boat Lifts


Wood Coatings

Atlantic Resurfacing, LLC, a full-service dock and deck restoration company. offers DeckArmor™, industrial strength coatings that resurface, revive and renew wood and concrete that is cracked, splintered and faded due to time and weather. The company said its Poly-Lock™ system makes old structures safe and maintenance friendly by filling cracks and locking down splinters and sealing nail heads. It is also slip resistant for safety and comfort with minimal time out-of-service for installation. The product is VOC-Free and non-toxic.

Atlantic Resurfacing, LLC


Decking Boards

Trex Company introduces a new 2-inch x 6-inch board profile to its entry-level Trex Select® decking and railing system. The new board profile will be available in four Trex Select colors inspired by nature – Madeira (a redwood look), Saddle (a light brown), Woodland Brown (a deep, earthy shade) and new Pebble Grey (a fresh, light grey with cool undertones). The company said each color is designed to pair with the versatile white hue of Trex Select railing. Deck boards are offered in 12-foot, 16-foot and 20-foot lengths. Coordinating fascia also is available in 1-foot x 8-foot and 1-foot x 12-foot sizes.

Trex Company

Boat Protection Package

HydroHoist Marine Group (HMG) introduces the HydroGuard Boat Protection Package, including a bow guide and two corner bumpers that attach to the dock. The products are made from strong, yet flexible polyethylene and will hold up in salt or freshwater. The company said its package is designed to take abuse, while offering the boat the highest degree of protection. The hollow units absorb energy and drastically reduce heavy vessel damage. The bow guide helps center the boat in the slip while offering protection to the boat’s keel, and the corner bumpers offer protection when pulling in to the slip.

HydroHoist Marine Group


Jet Ski Dock

Pacific Pontoon & Pier offers a Jet Ski Dock with a solid, foam filled polyethylene shell that will not sink if punctured. The company said its dock is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. Due to its unique form, the jet ski dock does not require a winch. It weighs 85kg and can hold up to 1100kg. Jet ski can simply ride on and ride off the dock, the company says. The docks cost $1,950 plus taxes.

Pacific Pontoon & Pier


Composite Beadboard

Trex Company now offers a beadboard in its TrexTrim product line. The company said its six-inch profile trim is popular for ceilings, soffits and wainscoting. It features both a reversible surface and a sealed bead design, which keeps the board clean during installation. The beadboard features a low-gloss matte finish and a color that matches other Trex® cellular PVC products; a groove design on the non-beaded side that is much more pronounced than the v-groove offered on traditional beadboard; and a wide nailing flange. TrexTrim features a premium PVC technology that is uniform in color, density and dimensions.

Trex Company


Substation Transformers

Bridgeport Magnetics Group (BMG) Inc. offers torodial transformers for marina substations, with single and three-phase transformers from 5,000VA to 50,000 VA (up to 200 KVA single and 150 KVA three-phase). The company said conventional 50KVA marina substations weigh around 400 pounds. BMGs torodial transformers weigh 275 pounds. The marina substation transformers are housed inside 316L stainless steel enclosures. BMG said its torodial transformer also offers low no-load losses and generates a lower operating temperature, and high efficiency. For the supply of torodial transformers installed in marina substations, BMG has entered an exclusive agreement with Marina Electric Equipment Company Inc. in Williamsburg, Va.

Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc.


Dock Bumper

GaMra Composites Inc. offers its glow-in-the-dark boat dock bumper. The company said it was designed with safety in mind, and the bumpers are visible from a distance. Manufactured out of recycled TPE material, the bumpers provide an all-night glow that has been co-extruded on the upper corner of the bumper profile so it’s visible on the dock or as boaters approach from water. The 8-inch pieces come straight out of the box and attach with a fastener that covers the screws, so boats don’t get scratched. The glow strip recharges during the day with or without direct sunlight.

GaMra Composites Inc.


Screw Depth Setter

Starborn Industries offers the Smart-Bit® deck screw depth setter. The adjustable tool ensures screws are set to the desired depth below the decking surface. It features an Auto-Stop™ mechanism that automatically disengages the driver bit and stops the screw from driving further once the desired depth is reached, without stripping the screw recess. The tool also features a free spinning stop collar and rubber O-ring to protect the work surface from damage and marking. The depth setter can be adjusted for use with many different screw types and applications. Once the screw depth is set on the tool, and locked in place, it produces perfectly consistent results throughout the installation.

Starborn Industries


Dock Kit

Dock Hardware offers a new Dock - in - a - Box, a more robust version of the original kit, the company said. All of the hardware in the kit is made of 1/4" galvanized steel, cut from steel bar to ensure that proper grain alignment and maximum durability. For greater stability, the kit includes four reinforced inside corners matched to four 10 1/4" face plates on the outside corners. The kit also has four (DH-E) outside corners; four (DH-IN) inside corners; six (DH-A) angles; twelve (DH-W) washer plates; 56 (GCB1230) galvanized carriage bolt set: 1/20-inch x 3-inch carriage bolt, washer, and nut.

Dock Hardware


Fire Suppression System

Fireboy®-Xintex® Inc. offers ABS approval for its USCG Type Approved and IMO Solas approved Elite RSM marine and offshore fire detection systems. Elite RSM Analog addressable fire alarm control panels can host up to 252 fire detection devices on commercial vessels and recreational yachts. The panels are available for hosting up to 252 fire detection devices on commercial vessels and recreational yachts. These control panels can also be expanded and networked to become part of larger systems. Features include high quality marine grade Apollo protocol smoke and heat detectors and two full SLC loops and leading edge microprocessor based electronics.



Docking System

SlideMoor™ offers a boat docking system for safer docking. It will also mitigate the risks associated with tidal change, wind and wave activity. The company said the system uses a sliding bumper on one side to secure boat tightly, with marine-grade aluminum tracks that are fastened to the piling. The tracks are available in lengths up to 25 feet to accommodate most tidal swings and can eliminate the need for fenders, bumpers, spring lines, bowlines, stern lines, mooring whips and outer tie pilings. The vertical motion caused by waves and tides moves the slide up and down with the boat.



Marina Training Tool

MYMIC, LLC offers the Marina Safety Awareness Training tool. If marina staff are not properly trained and equipped with the tools they need to recognize and safely handle marina hazards, a fun day can turn into a nightmare. The training tool from MYMIC leverages the benefits of game-based simulation training by allowing trainees to interact with a virtual marina where they identify and learn about areas of a marina that can be hazardous. MYMIC said it has several formats that are all easy-to-use, and the Marina Safety Awareness Training™ can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.



Outdoor Lighting

Deckorators introduced solar baluster lights in two colors, lighted aluminum balusters in two styles, lighting kits for the company’s Scenic glass balusters, two new styles of balusters, recessed lighting stair kits, lights for post caps, solar VersaCaps and new designs of post caps. All fixtures feature energy efficient LED technology and connect to a standard 12-volt power supply. Deckorators started making low-maintenance aluminum balusters with its Classic Series. Since then, it has introduced many deck railing and accessory products.

Universal Consumer Products


Decking Kits

Trex Company expanded its Trex® Pergola™ kits by adding new architectural column styles and adding colors that match Trex decking. Manufactured by Fredericksburg, Va.-based Backyard America, pergola kit colors include white, charcoal black, gravel path (grey), tree house (earth tone), fire pit (red), vintage lantern (bronze), rope swing (light taupe), beach dune (honey brown) and clam shell (dark charcoal). Kits also include fiberglass columns that are round tapered, square, and square with base designs, in two heights. Each pergola can be finished with a canopy. Trex Pergolas were selected a 2012 “Best New Product” by Professional Builder magazine.

Trex Company


Dock Fenders

StormFender™, LLC announced that StormFender generated interest at the Houston Boat Show and brought in many orders. “Customers quickly recognize how our proprietary fender system can improve the boating experience for all aboard,” said Jonathan Hough of StormFender. The company was established during the aftermath Hurricane Ike in 2008, and develops and manufactures semi-permanent, dock-mounted marine fender systems. According to the company’s website, “StormFender™ solutions are underpinned by our patent pending, modular design,” simplifying docking by providing the helmsman with an increased margin of error. The company said custom lengths are available for fixed and floating docks, pilings, fender boards and bulkheads.

StormFender™ LLC


Dry Storage System

Maritime Change Inc. launched Boat-Hive, a high-density storage system for small boats, yachts, and other sea-going vessels. Boat-Hive offers increase in storage capacity; up to 334 boats, eighteen to twenty four feet long, are stored in 1/3 acre (14725 sq. ft.), increasing the capacity by up to 2/3, eliminating space commonly utilized as a central aisle in typical designs. The system enables operators to instantly retrieve boats from any position within the ‘hive’. Average installation on the Boat-Hive system, from conception to completion, is approximately 6-9 months. The same technology can be scaled up or down for a range of warehouses and storage spaces.

Maritime Change Inc.


Treated Lumber

Universal Forest Products now offers ProWood Dura Color™, pressure-treated lumber with an EPA-registered waterborne wood preservative system to protect against termites and fungal decay. The wood is color-infused during the pressure-treating process, and pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, which the company said is guaranteed with a two-year no-fade limited warranty. Dura Color also has a lifetime limited warranty against termite attack and rot. The treatment process leaves natural wood characteristics still visible, and the product is compatible with aluminum building products.

Universal Forest Products


Composite Fabric Filter

C.I.Agent Solutions announced Agent-Q, a lightweight fabric to filter and bind hydrocarbons. Patent-pending Agent-Q is a non-woven composite fabric structure embedded with C.I.Agent solidifier. Agent-Q creates no water flow restriction and is not dependent on water pressure. One advantage of Agent-Q is its very low resistance to water flow. One layer handles a high water flow through-rate of more than 400 gallons per minute per square meter, at a very low 2-inch water head. Because water flows freely through the material, no water pressure is required to filter hydrocarbons.

Consort Group Display


Bird Repellant

Consort Display Group’s Dori Nylon Pole Pennant System lets waterfront owners enliven the waterfront while preventing geese from making a mess. The wind-blown pennants encourage birds to leave the property, avoiding accumulation of bird droppings. The banner’s non-tangling, swiveling bracket displays pennants, and the poles’ 14” fiberglass top arms hold them in place. The fiberglass pole comes in heights from 12’ to 22’ tall, and can mount a 15’ long or 8’ long pennant. Options include 15 standard pennant colors, 23 custom colors, 12 color pairs, and four pole heights. The system is completely weather-resistant and can remain mounted year-round.

Consort Group Display


Deck Railing Systems

Fairway Building Products manufactures the Fx2 Composite Railing system, which uses Fibrex® Material, made from reclaimed wood fiber. The company now introduces a walnut color. Fx2 is available in 6’ and 8’ kit lengths in residential 36” and commercial 42” railing heights with three baluster infill options — composite balusters, glass balusters, and round aluminum balusters. With its ADA secondary 1.5” handrail, Fx2 adapts to any ADA accessibility ramp application. The company says that extremely low moisture absorption and excellent wear resistance means never needing to sand, stain or paint Fx2 to maintain a “just installed” appearance.

Fairway Building Products, L.P.

Deck Railing

Shorepower Inlets

Hubbell Marine offers a line of 100-amp pin and sleeve plugs, connector bodies and components designed for marine conditions. Its shorepower inlets use a spring-loaded gasketed cover that automatically closes, making it watertight. Inside, nickel-plated brass pins ensure a reliable electrical contact. A high-impact thermoset contact carrier resists arcing and overheating. Connector bodies are made from Zytel and can be attached to 1” to 1.94” cords. External cable grips are compatible with the existing cables to protect wiring from terminal strain. Hubbell Marine’s 100-amp devices come in 125/250-volt, 120/208-volt and 277/480-volt versions. Boxes, caps and parts meet USCG requirements, are UL Listed and have ABYC approval.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems


Hubbell Marine

Hybrid Lighting System

Kestrel Renewables has incorporated a solar panel and wind turbine into an outdoor security lighting system. The off-grid system can be installed in any location where ultraviolet light and wind are available, requiring no trenching or cabling. The company estimates that units will reduce operating costs by up to 40 percent over the next 15 years. The units use PV gel batteries in a 24-volt charging-discharge system. The wind turbines are magnetic systems, with an overrun system and electro-magnetic braking. Panels are mono-crystalline silicon in tempered glass, utilizing LED light units with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Kestrel Group


Shorepower Cords

Marinco has developed the EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) Shorepower system. Instead of a locking ring, it uses jaw-clamp technology, which clamps onto the inlet threads. It twists and then locks into place with a thumb lever for a watertight connection. Available in 30-amp and 50-amp models, all EEL cordsets are UL approved and compatible with standard UL inlets. Additional features include a built-in cord light and LED power indicators on both ends. The company says the system is built to withstand the harshest environment. The EEL Shorepower line also includes a broad range of pigtail and Y-adapters.


Shorepower Cords
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