Florida’s Derelict Vessel Removal Grant Application Period Opens

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation has opened the grant application period for removal of derelict vessels under the Bulk Derelict Vessel Removal Grant and the Rapid Removal Grant programs. The programs provide reimbursement to local governments for vessel removal. The total funding allocated through the Florida legislature for fiscal year 2017/2018 is $488,550.

The application period for Bulk Derelict Vessel Removal Grants in Florida will close February 21. This funding is for removal of one or more vessels under one application. The application period for the Rapid Removal Grant Program will not close until November 30 (based on available funding). To be eligible for Rapid Removal, it must be shown that a vessel is in imminent danger of sinking or breaking apart posing a threat to public safety or the environment.

Applicants must show that each vessel’s owner was contacted, or attempts were made to contact the owner, and opportunity was given for the owner to challenge the derelict vessel determination in criminal court or in administrative hearing.

The grant guidelines and application form may be downloaded at: http://www.MyFWC.com/DVGrant.

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