ABYC Launches New Online Training

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) has released its first new online course for marine technicians and do-it-yourself boaters, “AC Dock Pedestal Testing.” The organization plans to release a new course each quarter along with monthly free micro-courses for ABYC members. This will provide many opportunities to accumulate Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which are required to maintain certifications with ABYC and an array of other organizations.

“ABYC is working diligently to expand its training offerings to move beyond its traditional “standards-based” programming by offering ongoing updates and courses that address the everyday problems field service personnel have to face,” said Ed Sherman, ABYC vice president of education. “Our goal in offering scheduled monthly and quarterly updates is to create an environment where technicians will feel comfortable and acquire the updates they need to stay relevant in their career pathway.”

The first course features Ed Sherman, and ABYC Instructor Rob Berenwick testing voltage ranges, voltage drop, ground integrity, short circuit current and the functionality of the available GFCIs and leakage current. The course reviews many of the tests required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for marinas and docks.

ABYC launched its online learning platform to allow employers and students more flexibility and less travel expenses. Course difficulty ranges from basic topics that provide useful content for onboarding new technicians or for DIY boaters, to advanced topics for seasoned marine technicians looking to develop their knowledge base.

To learn more about this course, visit www.abycinc.org/dockpedestaltesting. An introductory rate of $28.99 is available until Jan. 4, 2019.