ABYC Report Touts Design and Construction to Minimize Invasive Species

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) has published a technical information report on means to design and construct boats, trailers, engines, components and accessories to help minimize the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). The report reviews AIS inspection and decontamination processes and provides best practices and recommendations for manufacturers to reference.

“Developing the AIS technical report was a great collaborative effort between the boating industry and the natural resource management community,” said Brian Goodwin ABYC technical director. “The result is a tool to aid boat builders and the rest of the industry in creating products that not only help reduce the spread of AIS but also improve the overall boating experience.”

Because AIS damage ecosystems and alter the water environment, boat access has already been limited through the closure of boat ramps and reduction of fishing grounds. Boats and components can also be damaged by an AIS infestation, which can damage propellers and impellors, cause bilge pump failures, and obstruct water lines.

The technical information report stemmed from the ABYC AIS Summit in January 2015, where boating industry leaders and the natural resource management community discussed how to build a boat that will drain better, is easier to clean and dry, and is easier to inspect and decontaminate. The discussion will continue at the upcoming ABYC AIS Summit September 20 in Annapolis, Maryland. To register visit www.abycinc.org/2018Summit. Download the AIS technical information report for free here: www.abycinc.org/AISreport

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