America’s Boating Channel Launched on YouTube

United States Power Squadrons® – America’s Boating Club® has launched America’s Boating Channel on YouTube and

Funded by grants from the United States Coast Guard, America’s Boating Channel offers a series of streaming and downloadable videos focused on boating safety and boater education providing multiple formats of related digital media, including safe-boating messages, skills animations and audio presentations. Boating instructors can use the multimedia content to enhance their classroom presentations, and boaters can view and review the video content at any time.

Videos and animations cover a wide range of topics and are organized into sections like Planning, Departure, Underway and Arrival. Each video goes into more detail tackling subjects like life jackets, vessel inspections, steering basics, anchoring, man overboard, docking, mooring and shoreline landings.

Videos provide an introduction to a range of boating topics, essential skills and etiquette. Links to “Learn More” at the end of each video promote further education. New content is added regularly. Videos, also available in Spanish, are accessible from the homepage.

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A just-released series includes four videos on various aspects of life jackets, six on personal watercraft operations and one each on accident reporting, frequently asked questions about Navigation Rules, visual distress signals and mobile maritime service identities (MMSI). The video series in production covers boating under the influence (BUI), new aspects of life jacket wear, human-propelled boating, and electronic navigation.

America’s Boating Channel can be found at