Applications Available For MTA/NJ Scholarships

Applications are available now for the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey’s (MTA/NJ) 2022 Education Scholarships including the Boating Industry Scholarship that is open to any student seeking a career in the recreational boating industry in New Jersey. The MTA/NJ Family Scholarship is open to members’ children and their employees’ children and can be applied to any higher education program.

These scholarships are funded through the MTA/NJ Foundation, a 501(c)(3). One of the goals of the MTA/NJ Foundation is to provide financial support dedicated to educational scholarships and training to help grow the recreational marine trades’ workforce in New Jersey. The Foundation is funded by members through fundraising events and raffles held throughout the year. The MTA/NJ Foundation is aggressively working to address workforce issues and is exploring all opportunities to expand on these current efforts.

Since 2006, the MTA/NJ Foundation has awarded nearly $30,000 to deserving students looking to begin careers in the industry, to members through the MTA/NJ Family Scholarship, and for outstanding student awards to students currently enrolled in marine trades vocational programs. In addition to scholarships, the MTA/NJ Foundation has provided an additional $10,000 towards marine education and training for members including marine training reimbursements, industry certification courses, and education and training in the classroom and on the job for members and their employees covering several areas.

The MTA/NJ Boating Industry Scholarship, valued at $1,000, is available for students entering a recreational marine industry vocational, technical or college program.

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The MTA/NJ Family Scholarship, valued at $1,000, is open to members’ children and their employees’ children and can be applied to any higher education program. Applicants can be awarded the scholarship a maximum of two times and may reapply each year as long as the eligibility criteria are still met.

The MTA/NJ will also award a half scholarship ($10,950) for the Marine Service Technology Program at Automotive Training Center in Pennsylvania. The scholarship is open to any student interested in pursuing a career in the recreational boating industry and meets the criteria outlined.

Applications are due April 1.