CA Boating Congress To Be Held March 17

This year’s California Boating Congress, entitled “Planning for 2030 & Beyond” will be held in a virtual format on March 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon PDT.

The 2021 California Boating Congress will focus on understanding and responding to the potential impact of legislative moves to limit gasoline and diesel engines in the state and how to influence those initiatives through representatives and regulators.

This year’s Congress is being co-hosted by the Marine Recreation Association and ten other boating related groups, including the National Marine Manufacturers Association, California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference, Boat U.S., Personal Watercraft Industry Association, California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau, Recreational Boaters of California, Sacramento Valley Marine Association, California Association of Harbor Masters & Port Captains, California Yacht Brokers Associations, and the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association.

Past California Boating Congress conferences have proven the value of communication between boaters, the marine industry, and California state legislators and regulators in effectively shaping future boating policy, funding, and regulation.

For information and to register for the 5th Annual CBC, visit or contact Mariann Timms at (209) 334-0661.