Connect-A-Port Joins Elkhart Plastics Line

Elkhart Plastics LLC, a Myers Industries, Inc. company, has expanded its floating dock product line with the new Connect-A-Port XL6.

The Connect-A-Port XL6 is a 6-foot-wide personal watercraft (PWC) floating dock that allows PWC users to roll off to launch and drive on to park. The new dock offers a universal hull designed with adjustable rollers that can be moved to better match the size and style of the user’s PWC. Additionally, the new design has more walking surface around the edges, making it easier for riders to get on and off their PWC safely. The XL6 is available in five colors and can be attached to floating and stationary docks.

The rotationally-molded XL6 joins Elkhart Plastics’ Connect-A-Dock line as the second Connect-A-Port PWC floating dock model. The company also offers two series of rotomolded docks and the YAKport kayak launch under the Connect-A-Dock brand.

Connect-A-Port XL6 and other Connect-A-Dock products are available from dealers across the U.S. and international distributors around the globe.