Cox Appointed as U.S. Primary Representative to PIANC

Internationally recognized coastal engineer, Jack Cox, who recently joined consulting firm, Edgewater Resources as Director of Engineering, has been appointed by the Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses (PIANC) as the U.S. primary representative, helping set the global standards for building and design of floating breakwaters across the world.

Prior to this appointment, Cox was the U.S. representative to PIANC for 18 years.

Renowned for his credentials in research, engineering and project design, Cox is one of only a dozen professionals world-wide to have been triple awarded board certification in coastal, port and navigational engineering by the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port and Navigation Engineers.

Cox has more  than 45 years of experience in the marine engineering sector, spanning a full range of project types including artic and ice engineering, harbor tranquility, breakwaters, fixed and floating marine structures, dredge material disposal, shore protection, port planning, marina design, risk analysis and habitat restoration.

In addition to his field work, Cox is an award-winning lecturer and author on the topic of coastal engineering. He has written more than 50 coastal and marina related technical publications, serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin teaching coastal and maritime engineering and an invited lecturer at Purdue University Lyle School of Civil Engineering.

Cox will be based at Edgewater Resources office in Middleton, Wisconsin, where he will lead the firm’s national and international coastal engineering projects.