Discover Boating Offers Cost-Free Social Media Program

Discover Boating is offering a new resource to provide relevant boating lifestyle content for Facebook business pages. This new social media content program, called Get Social with Discover Boating, is available to industry stakeholders in the U.S. and Canada at no cost.

The Get Social with Discover Boating program is managed by LotVantage, a digital marketing software company, overseeing the curation and distribution of the Facebook content from Discover Boating channels in the U.S. and Canada to stakeholder user accounts. To sign up a user, visit and enter basic information about the business. There are options for automated posting where two boating lifestyle posts will appear each week in a company’s Facebook newsfeed, or an option for manual posting for those who want to pick and choose what and when to post. The sign-up process takes a few minutes and is confirmed with final instructions in an email from

LotVantage will not take control of a user’s Facebook business page. Users will continue to maintain their Facebook business pages as they always have. LotVantage will only add Discover Boating content to their feeds, based on their posting preference selections.

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