Ditch Technologies Launches Major Upgrade

Continuing its commitment to relentless innovation, Ditch Navigation has launched a major upgrade to its boating navigation application. Enhanced Smart Path technology now offers dramatically superior accuracy and customization for intelligent route planning thanks to an exponential increase in data points. The Ditch app goes far beyond simple map overlays, delivering the optimal path for any journey, whether to a busy marina in California or a remote harbor off the coast of Florida.

The latest AI-powered iteration of Smart Path analyzes billions, not millions, of data points, including continuously updated information from verified sources including AIS, NOAA charts, and Corps of Engineers depth soundings, to create optimized routes that ensure safe passage.

Best of all, thanks to the combination of machine intelligence and users’ feedback, the Ditch app is always learning and improving. How Ditch is different:

  • Constant Evolution: Ditch continuously expands data sources and refines its technology to ensure that Smart Path is continuously learning and improving
  • Current: Ditch prioritizes fresh information, filtering out outdated data to ensure that route recommendations are accurate and up to date
  • Customizable: Select one or multiple layers of data, ranging from depth soundings to freshest AIS signals, to plan your route
  • ICW Navigation: Access Bob423’s trusted routes on the Intracoastal Waterway directly from the app
  • Affordable: Priced at just $30 per year, Ditch is the ideal complement to update any existing navigation setup
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