Ethanol Alternative Approved by EPA

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has approved the registration of bio-isobutanol as a fuel additive. Biobutanol is a four-carbon alcohol produced from renewable, plant-derived energy sources in a fermentation process similar to beer and wine production. Biobutanol can be produced using existing ethanol feedstocks, such as corn and sugar beets, or advanced feedstocks (cellulosic biomass) such as crop residues, wood residues, dedicated energy crops, and industrial and other wastes.

Unlike E15, which causes severe damage to small engines like those used in recreational boating, biobutanol delivers more renewable energy content than ethanol, while remaining compatible with current vehicles, boats and infrastructure.

Commenting on the approval, National Marine Manufacturers Association President Thom Dammrich said, “While additional steps by EPA are needed to break down other regulatory impediments to the full-scale commercialization of bio-isobutanol, EPA’s recent actions are very encouraging. In addition to increased fuel options, we need a comprehensive public education and awareness campaign in place prior to any E15 expansion – we owe it to the millions of American boaters and the 650,000 workers that the industry supports.”

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