Federal Agencies and Private Industry Join to Promote Boating and Fishing

The National Park Service (NPS) other federal agencies and private organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote recreational boating and fishing on public lands and waterways. The goal of the MOU is to develop and expand cooperation, planning and implementation of projects and activities.

Under the MOU, participating parties will work toward goals, such as increased volunteerism on public lands, improved quality of aquatic and riparian resources, improved recreational fishing experiences, and increased educational programs for recreational fishing and fisheries. NPS management emphasizes visitor experience and the conservation of native species.

“The National Park Service welcomes more than 300 million visitors to national parks each year, many of whom come to spend time on the water,” said National Park Service Deputy Director Dan Smith. “Working with these organizations helps us generate more awareness of park resources and water recreation.”

The detailed MOU is available here.

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