Floating Barge Restaurant Renovated

Renovations are now complete on an outdated restaurant residing atop an old floating barge on North San Diego Bay. Bellingham Marine (BMI) finished renovating the Coasterra restaurant, which overlooks the San Diego skyline.

Offering a first-class event experience, the restaurant sits atop a decades-old floating hopper barge. While structurally sound, the barge’s dockside appearance had taken on a patina that, while brimming with character, had become out of sync with the personality and atmosphere of the venue.

Having a longstanding relationship with BMI, Safe Harbor Marinas, which owns the restaurant, reached out for a solution. BMI faced the challenge of creating a façade that would enhance the outward appearance while maintaining the structural integrity of the barge. The top of each façade panel is attached to the concrete deck cap of the barge with threaded anchors that are drilled and epoxied in place. By attaching to the deck, the façade avoids any major impact to the barge and its floating integrity.

With the aid of a 3D rendering, BMI developed a façade made from Brazilian Walnut (IPE) in a series of square panels, horizontally offset at regular intervals for a subtle and pleasing aesthetic. The natural reddish hue of the IPE wood will transform to a silvery finish as the façade withstands time and the elements. Bellingham Marine cited the project as a unique opportunity outside of typical marina construction to extend their design and building expertise.

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