Flux Marine Raises $15.5M in Funding

Flux Marine, a developer of all-electric outboard motors and battery systems for watercraft, has raised $15.5 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round led by Ocean Zero LLC. Flux Marine will leverage the new funding to expand manufacturing, recruit additional talent, and continue to develop its advanced technologies.

The unique design of Flux Marine’s outboard motors provides unmatched acceleration, optimal range, and zero maintenance without increasing the overall weight of a boat. By completely redesigning the outboard motor to deliver zero-emissions power, Flux Marine electric outboards exceed the performance of fossil-fuel engines. Its lineup of 15HP, 40HP, 70HP, and 100 HP electric outboard models reflect years of proprietary engineering in solid-state components, thermal systems, and battery technology.

The oversubscribed Series A round was led by Ocean Zero LLC, a fund created by TED Conferences head Chris Anderson and seasoned technology editor Stephen Petranek to invest in the acceleration of alternative energy solutions for consumer and commercial marine transportation. Flux Marine also enjoyed participation in this round from Boost VC and Winklevoss Capital, and saw majority participation from previous seed and angel investors.

Recreational boating, which still does not require catalytic converters, releases vast amounts of particulates into the atmosphere and discharges as much as 150 million gallons of unburned gasoline into rivers, lakes, and oceans annually. Flux Marine’s mission, to provide performance products through sustainable technology, aims to seriously reduce these pollutants.

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Beyond its ecological benefits, Flux Marine electric outboards also eliminate some of the maintenance of standard combustion engines such as impeller replacement, spark plugs, hoses, filters, lubrication systems, and winterization. While range is dependent on hull design and operating conditions, a Flux Marine 100 HP outboard mounted on a 22-foot dual console hull delivers top speeds nearing 35 knots and a range of more than 75 nautical miles on a single charge.