Funding Approved for Corps Civil Works Program

On December 21, the U.S. Congress passed the FY21 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that includes funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Program and the President signed the bill on December 27.

Overall Corps Allocation includes Administration – $5.96 Billion, House – $7.63 Billion, Senate – $7.72 Billion, and Final – $7.795 Billion.

Operations & Maintenance (Where the AIWW and NJIWW is funded) is distributed to the House – $3.84 Billion, Senate – $3.78 Billion, and Final – $3.85 Billion.

The initial state allocations for projects along the Eastern seaboard include:

VA – $685,000 for Dismal Swamp Canal & $1.262 million for the Albemarle-Chesapeake Canal

NC – $3.625 million

SC – $100,000

GA – $202,000O million

FL – $380,000

Total for AIWW – $6.254 million

Total for NJIWW – $1.245 million

The Omnibus Bill also included the following mini-pots for Additional Dredging Needs where projects compete for additional funding. AIWA asked that the mini-pots include $75 million each, which was a larger request than previously made or historically received.

Navigation received $40.156 million, Inland Waterways received $60 million which is $5 million more than FY20, and Small, Remote or Subsistence Navigation was allocated $65 Million which is the same as FY20.

Looking ahead, the Corps has 90 days from the signing of the bill to develop their FY21 workplan and allocate the money they have received.