Government and Media

It’s hard to think about government these days without evoking some strong opinions. With such a heated political climate, opinions run hot on both sides. It seems more and more divided everyday, and mixed in with all the political drama is some harsh criticism of the media lately.

As a journalist, I can’t help but think about my own job here at Marina Dock Age and what we do for the industry and draw comparisons. The media, whether it’s a daily newspaper, blog, website or trade publication, all have the same purpose – to inform.

I’ve learned a lot about marinas and boatyards in my time with MDA (10 years this September), and I use that knowledge to craft articles, themes and surveys, so we can report on what the industry is thinking, doing and planning.
Marina Dock Age is also not just a traditional news magazine, in the sense that we’re also focused on educating marinas with in-depth features and tutorials. We’re not just about the news; we’re also an industry resource and teacher.
Our content is about what the industry tells us is important. That’s what makes journalism work, no matter your platform. Journalists don’t make the news; they report the news.

Some marinas, typically public facilities, large firms or those unfamiliar with what we do, are often too concerned about crafting their image and brand. They can’t answer questions with a certain level of vulnerability that allows for honestly and candor, and their answers feel practiced and inauthentic. Sometimes all folks want to talk about is the good. Sometimes I want to know what the challenges were and what we can learn from that. That’s how we see value in relating one marina’s story to another.

You can be assured what we print in this magazine isn’t public relations fluff or shameless product promotion. Marina Dock Age also isn’t a glossy consumer magazine, interested in convincing boaters why they should visit a certain marina. Although I do like a pretty marina picture, what brings boaters to a marina often has much more to do with the important practices of the business behind the scenes, not the fancy amenities and aesthetics of the marina.

Are you just a marina? Or are you also part of the marina industry? When you’re a small industry like us, it matters, especially when it comes to dealing with the government. You can look to us for news and education to help you run your business better and stay on top of those important government issues.