Hempel Antifouling Technology Now Available in WA

Hempel, a leader in antifouling technology, announced that its innovative, high-performance, copper-free and biocide-free antifouling coatings Silic One and Hempaspeed Thin Film (TF) acrylic will be available for distribution in the state of Washington for the first time, through Hempel’s North American partner SeaWide Distribution and Essential Shipyard Industries.

Silic One, a silicone-based bottom coating that incorporates Hempel’s unique Hydrogel technology, has been available in North America since the fall. Regulations in the state of Washington are more stringent than in other states and municipalities, with a law calling to phase out any substances or chemicals in antifouling paints and coatings used on recreational vessels that are proven to be unduly toxic to aquatic organisms. Essential Shipyard Industries is a Washington-based business, and an approved applicator of Silic One – which, as a copper- and biocide-free coating, far exceeds even the most restrictive regulations.

Hempaspeed TF is a high-performance, hard, biocide-free, thin-film coating, used as an antifouling for boats of fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Suitable for pleasure boats and racing/regatta boats, Hempaspeed TF is for both fresh- and saltwater use.

Hempel’s Hydrogel technology uses non-reactive polymers that create an invisible barrier between the hull’s surface and the water, fooling marine life into believing that the hull is liquid and significantly reducing their attachment.

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Hempel’s products produce zero run-off contamination or harmful build-up, while delivering outstanding performance. They also reduce drag and fuel consumption, making each vessel 5-7% more efficient on average, thus eliminating harmful emissions. Silic One and Hempaspeed can be used on nearly all materials and boat types, regardless of water type, ambient temperatures or geographical location. They can also be used on both brand-new boats and ones already coated with antifouling. Hempel products are the ideal choice for the aluminum commercial vessels, racing sailboats and long-range cruisers that ply the waters of the Pacific Northwest.