Hyperfuels and Advanced Fuel Solutions Partner

Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. (AFS) and Hyperfuels, the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of PurFuels®, a 93 Octane non-ethanol reformulated gasoline, have announced a strategic partnership to bring this premium fuel to marinas and distributors across the Northeast and Mid-partners Atlantic regions.

This collaboration combines Hyperfuels’ PurFuels® with AFS’s Slipstream® marine gasoline additive package to create a high-performance, ethanol-free gasoline that meets Reformulated Gasoline area (RFG) requirements. This partnership leverages AFS’s extensive industry experience and Hyperfuels’ innovative fuel technology.

PurFuels®(R) offers several advantages over traditional ethanol-blended gasoline, including:

·         EPA Approved

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·         Higher energy content

·         Lower vapor pressure (no vapor lock) and less evaporative emissions

·         Reduced moisture absorption and phase separation

·         Minimized engine corrosion

·         Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30%

·         Does not absorb water or moisture

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) recently endorsed PurFuels® for its superior performance and environmental benefits.

This partnership between AFS and Hyperfuels ensures that marinas and distributors can offer their customers a premium non-ethanol gasoline that enhances marine engine performance and protects the environment.