Hyperfuels Offers Ethanol-free PurFuel As E85 Replacement

Hyperfuels, a Houston-based high-performance fuels provider, has partnered with FuelWise in Baytown, Texas, to provide PurFuel, an ethanol-free reformulated gasoline (RFG) to replace E85 at two dispensers. The station’s 6,000-gallon underground tank was cleaned for the new service and is estimated to support over 12,000 gallons per month of ethanol-free in vented equipment used by small to medium-sized businesses, the Port of Houston, and nearby manufacturing plants.

PurFuel™ produced in Texas and distributed by Hyperfuels, is also sold as a 1-gallon container of clear and 50:1 two-cycle fuel, for easy transportation and storage. Wholesale options are also available.

Shafir Ali, the managing member of Texan Enterprises found the PurFuel™ ethanol-free RFG at Hyperfuels said, “I met with Jess Hewitt and discussed with him the low sales we had for E85.  In 2021, we sold less than 4,000 gallons. Hyperfuels estimated that we could sell 12,000 gallons a month from our two dispensers. He walked me through the process of conversion and re-imaging of the E85 dispensers to the new PurFuel™ gasoline that would meet the reformulated gasoline requirements in our area.”

Jess Hewitt, owner of Hyperfuels, said “The magic of ethanol-free fuels is reliability. Switching to an ethanol-free gasoline allows better performance from vented-fuel engines and reduces the time and cost of repairing engines from damage caused by hygroscopic alcohols. When faced with higher labor costs and PurFuel™ gasoline efficiency that faces some of our most essential consumer services, consistent engine performance is paramount to business continuity and success. Taking equipment out of service for repairs is a double cost to business and they can afford to pay more for a fuel that keeps their engines running better and longer between preventative maintenance services.”

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