ICOMIA Announces Venue For 2020 Conference

The countdown begins for the event, which will be held on October 13 to 15, under the theme of “Marinas empowering tourism and economies” Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

International Council of Marine Industry Associations’ (ICOMIA) member P&O Marinas announced that Mina Rashid will be the venue for ICOMIA World Marina Conference 2020. With the main theme being “Marinas empowering tourism and economies,” ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2020, to be held from October 13 to 15, will focus on regulatory frameworks and barriers, best investment practices, changing the public perception of a marina, new technologies, as well as climate change and environmental sustainability and more.

The conference will connect East to West and North to South, offering the region’s young, yet vibrant marina industry a chance to share expertise, innovation and technology with developed and traditional yachting markets.

Udo Kleinitz, secretary general of ICOMIA, said, “The venue selection of ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2020 sends a powerful message towards the use of existing resources. Located in a basin formerly used in Dubai’s commercial port, Mina Rashid Marina has been repurposed to offer moorings and open access to recreational facilities and restaurants, thus addressing relevant aspects in public acceptance of boating and sustainability. I am very positive about the conference being held in a marina itself. Some events will make use of the marina infrastructure including functions taking place on a former passenger liner, converted into a hotel and venue.”

Industry partners, marina, yachting and leisure enthusiasts can register for the event by visiting worldmarinasconference.com.