Lake Berryessa Marina Overhaul

Renovations were recently completed at Markley Cove Resort, located on Lake Berryessa in Napa, California. The 63-year-old resort offers service for long-term slip rental and vacationers looking to spend a day on the water.
The “B” Dock at Markley Cove recently overhauled its outworn steel truss docking system with a concrete Unifloat® system from Bellingham Marine Industries (BMI). The new docks will serve a longer life span while ensuring greater stability. The new docking system also features a metal roof on the main walk and on each of its 76 slips for sun protection. The rounded edges at the outer ends of the slip fingers allow for easy entry and exit from dock spaces. The new electrical system, which was installed within the concrete pontoons, provides efficient dockside power while leaving the slips streamlined and clutter-free. As water levels in California can vary greatly throughout the summer, the new system will accommodate these changing levels by way of its fully adjustable fairlead/anchoring system. In addition to the marina, the Markley Cove Resort has a wealth of amenities such as a boat launch, ship’s store, boat rentals, and lodging.