Lake Mead Marina Widens Docks to Improve Accessibility

Callville Bay Resort & Marina on Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada, is upgrading its headwalk. To make the facility more ADA accessible, it is placing 1,125 feet of 6-foot-wide new docks next to an existing 6-foot wide dock (making it 12-feet wide). This new dock section will have an aggregate surface that matches the existing dock.

The marina is also replacing a 976 feet of 12-foot dock with a new section of the same size. It will be built by Marine Development Incorporated (MDI) of Eufaula, Oklahoma. This new dock section will feature new, high-tensile concrete decking, according to Rod Taylor, vice president of Forever Resorts.
Taylor said the marina’s crews will work with MDI crews to slide out the old 976-foot section out in one direction and slide the new section in the other. That will minimize the disruptions to the marina’s guests.

Work will start in early May and should be completed by the end of June.
The marina will also be placing fuel tanks on a floating dock at the end of the year. “We are doing this because of lowering water levels on the lake,” said Taylor, who noted that lake’s water levels have fluctuated between 1,075 to 1,090 feet.

Calville Bay Resort & Marina also features a snack bar on the water and on land, a full-service lounge and eating area on land and a boat shop and retail boat repair on the water.

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