Marinas Report on Employee Wages for 2017

Editor’s Note: This spring, Marina Dock Age magazine partnered with the Association of Marina Industries to distribute the 2017 Wage Rate Survey. It updates the 2014 wage rate survey, looking at wage compensation throughout the industry. 

Wage Rate Chart

The chart shows the average years of experience and average hourly wage for general managers, marina managers/harbormasters, dockmasters, yard managers, yard hand, forklift operators and dockhands in each region.

 East CoastWest CoastGreat LakesInland-EastInland-CentralInland-West

General Manager

Average Years Experience20.826.321.319.314.615
Average Annual Wage$87,441$90,046$64,625$72,111$74,707$52,500

Marina Manager Harbormaster

Average Years Experience20.617.519.39.814.515
Average Annual Wage$61,912$63,875$52,680$41,400$55,471$43,000


Average Years Experience78153216.58
Average Annual Wage$42,192$44,633$34,000$46,600$42,357$21,000

Yard Manager

Average Years Experience251513.514.514.515
Average Annual Wage$50,384$52,999$45,987$39,200$54,763$31,500

Yard Hand

Average Years Experience9109299
Average Hourly Wage$16.50$16.75$16.25$11.00$19.50$11.50

Forklift Operator

Average Years Experience9.5115173.59
Average Hourly Wage$13.25$25.00$15.00$16.00$19.00$12.50

Figure 1

Fig. 1 shows the benefits offered by employers – the percentage that offers each benefit, and the average percentage covered by employers.

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