Maryland Grants $13.5 Million For Water Access Improvement Projects

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is providing $13.5 million in Waterway Improvement Fund grants in Fiscal Year 2021 to enhance and improve public boating access facilities, water safety and navigation throughout the state.

This funding will go toward 43 projects in 17 counties, along with grants for statewide projects and emergency needs. Funded projects include renovations to public boating access infrastructure such as boat ramps, piers, pilings, bulkheads; dredging of navigable waterways; icebreaking; and emergency water rescue vessels and equipment for emergency and first responders.

The Waterway Improvement Fund was created in 1966 to support the development, enjoyment and use of Maryland’s waters for the benefit of the general boating and cruising public. It is primarily derived from a 5 percent vessel excise tax on boat purchases and titling.

Projects to be funded in Fiscal Year 2021 can be found here.