MBIA Adds to Efforts to Attract New Marine Industry Employees

The Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA) has added a video about career paths in the marine industry to its efforts to attract new employees to the workforce. The video was produced by the Massachusetts Marine Trade Association, which has made the video available to any marine trade association in exchange for a small donation to the association’s education foundation. Associations can swap out the ending graphics to customize the video to their state.

“Like many industries, we’re facing a severe shortage of workers in the marine industry,” said MBIA Executive Director Nicki Polan. “MBIA has made strides in awareness and this video will help potential candidates visualize a work environment that can’t be beat!”

MBIA’s efforts to attract new people to careers in the marine industry have included hosting a career day at the Detroit Boat Show, offering scholarships through MBIA’s Recreational Boating Industries Educational Foundation, working to create a technical training course for colleges and high schools in Michigan, and working with other marine trade associations to promote jobs in the industry across the country.

For more information on careers in boating in Michigan, visit boatmichigan.org/careers.