MRAA Announces New Board of Directors

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) announced its Board of Directors for 2021, including new chairman, Rob Soucy, president of Port Harbor Marine.

Soucy has served on the MRAA Board of Directors since 2006, most recently as the MRAA vice chairman. He replaces Joe Hoffmaster, owner of Hoffmaster’s Marina, who served two years as the chairman and now moves into the immediate past chair seat.

Soucy’s father, Robert, was chairman in 2007-08. This is the second time two generations of the same family have been chairman of the MRAA. Jim Sima (1976-77) and John Sima (2002-04) of Sima Marine, were the first MRAA chairmen to be from the same lineage.

Jeff Strong, of Strong’s Marine, has been appointed as vice-chairman. Strong steps into this position after serving as the secretary/treasurer. Additionally, Joe Lewis, of Mount Dora Boating Center, is the new acting secretary/treasurer. Lewis, with this vote, is the first person to be elected onto the board officer seat twice.

“These four officers have developed a very strong working relationship over the last two years and as such have contributed significant guidance and direction for MRAA’s growth,” says MRAA President Matt Gruhn. “Keeping them all aligned for another two years will continue to provide this organization outstanding focus as well as great potential to expand on MRAA’s industry-focused programs and services, in addition to its influence with decision makers everywhere.”