New Ship2Mates App is Transforming E-Commerce and Networking in the Boating Industry

A new app is available for marina owners and yacht club proprietors that allows them to connect directly with their members. The multi-language, multi-service digital platform is designed to make e-commerce in the boating world simple.

Introduced widely in April, the Ship2Mates app is built for marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs and marine service providers – with a user-friendly format that allows these businesses to create their own pages, promote direct member communication and showcase facility amenities. There is also a social networking component with a location finder, a peer-to-peer messaging system and an e-commerce capability for transactions between boaters.

“This app is a community-based platform with global reach. Community-based apps are not a new concept, but we are the first of our kind to create a multi-service (super app), specifically for the recreational boating community,” said Garry Bradamore, founder of Revill Inc., which launched Ship2Mates. “We combine multiple services, including payment and instant-messaging services, effectively becoming an all-encompassing, self-contained commerce and peer-to-peer communication online platform that embraces many aspects of the personal and commercial boating lifestyle.”

Expanding Functions
Initially launched as a social network that was exclusive to boating enthusiasts, Ship2Mates is growing considerably. Although it is currently privately held and financed, the app was exhibited as an Alpha Start-Up at the global tech industry’s Collision conference in Toronto, Canada, in mid-June. During the conference, the app’s key players evaluated some potential industry partnerships.

As the app continues to expand, it has evolved to incorporate e-commerce functionalities, creating a marketplace where users can discover and engage local freelance professionals that are skilled in marine services. This platform extends the reach of local boating communities to a variety of talented service providers, enhancing the boating experience with reliable support. The app also gives businesses insights into boaters’ specific needs, which helps facilities like marinas better accommodate the vessels and direct boaters to the optimal spaces.

“Through the app, users can even book long-term and transient reservations directly on the platform by sharing their boat profile with all the boat’s specifications, power requirements, insurance, etc. This makes it easy for marina staff to view the entire boat profile and approve a suitable slip for the boater,” Bradamore said. “Also, our BoatChatR (in-app messaging system) and our ‘Boats Nearby’ (turned-on) feature allows members to view the location of boating neighbors and to connect and communicate with each other. This builds communication and safety for all the boating community.”

On the safety front, Ship2Mates ensures a high level of accountability and transparency for users, establishing a secure environment where every transaction is straightforward. The platform features service timelines, detailed reviews and ratings and agreed pricing, allowing sellers and buyers to interact with confidence. This comprehensive approach supports clear communication and a streamlined negotiation process, making sure that all parties are aligned with the terms of the service delivery.

Connecting Boaters to Services
One of the most popular aspects of Ship2Mates is the MyBoatsProfile – a proprietary tool that helps boat owners maintain detailed profiles of their vessels, including specifications, features and service records. This feature enables sellers to provide accurate job estimates and tailored services. Also, the shareable nature of the MyBoatsProfile ensures that valuable boat information can be transferred seamlessly between owners, maintaining a continuous and comprehensive record throughout the life of the vessel.

“The introduction of this app is set to transform the way the boating community interacts with service providers,” Bradamore said. “From routine maintenance to specialized enhancements, the app connects boat owners with the largest network of marine talent in the industry, covering hundreds of unique service categories. This extensive pool of resources not only provides boat owners with more choices but also supports the growth of local marine businesses.”

User-Friendly Applications
In the competitive boating app market, Ship2Mates is incorporating as many user-friendly options as possible to stay ahead of the curve. Bradamore said there are some fantastic vertical applications that are already servicing the recreational boating community. Many of these apps started as community Facebook groups that captured like-minded boating enthusiasts through peer conversations. Newer apps have excelled at providing boaters with navigation tools, rental and charter information, access to marine services and slip management.

“We don’t compete with these verticals, but rather provide them with the platform to thrive,” Bradamore said. “Boating enthusiasts are typically reactive and want on-demand services they can rely on. Our transactional ratings and reviews system for both buyers and sellers ensures that key deliverables are met, simply because both parties want a good rating to ensure future services. Described services, prices and timelines are key ingredients that are measured on every transaction.”

Fostering this type of transactional accountability is not unknown to companies like Uber and Airbnb, Bradamore said. The model creates the desire to deliver on promises, resulting in better customer service and satisfaction.

“This is something all industries strive to achieve but struggle with,” Bradamore said.

Customer service is built right into the social and communications components of Ship2Mates. For example, marina managers can instantly message all members as a group or individually. They can access and approve boat profiles for new and returning members, manage gas dock and haul-out appointments and offer short-term mooring/slip rentals, all through the app.

“So far, the feedback about the app from our users has been overwhelming,” Bradamore said. “Our development team has done, and continues to do, a fantastic job, and we are excited to expand.”