NMLA Releases Market Study on Lending Trends and Operations

A comprehensive marine finance market study of lending trends and operations in the United States has been released by the National Marine Lenders Association (NMLA). The 2019 Annual Statistical Report provides detailed data relating to the industry’s two leading retail business line entities — financial institutions who originate and hold retail or floor plan boat loans and service companies who originate and broker consumer boat loans to financial institutions. The report is a compilation of information from 50 lenders who represent a sizeable share of the marine finance market.

As specified in the report, the recreational marine finance industry continues to experience strong economic health. Performance statistics reveal that boat loan delinquency has remained stable since 2012 and that 78 percent of portfolio financial institution’s boat loan customers were in the 35- to 54-year age group. Average boat loan turnover rate was reported at 48 months.

The 2019 NMLA Annual Statistical Report is now available for purchase in PDF format. Visit www.marinelenders.org and select “Annual Statistical Report” at the bottom of the homepage.

NMLA educates lenders in recreational and marine financing procedures and extends credit to consumers. Membership is open to financial institutions that extend or originate credit to consumers, dealers, retailers and manufacturers of recreational boats, as well as to businesses associated to the marine industry.