NMMA Releases Boat Registration Report

The 2020 US Total Boat Registrations Report is now available for National Marina Manufacturer Association (NMMA)members to download. It features registered and documented boat data by state, region, and boat type, as well as estimates of the total recreational boats in use. Key insights include:

The number of recreational boats in use increased by 18,022 units–or 0.1 percent–in 2020 to a total of 15.6 million. The top five states for boat registrations in 2020 were Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Wisconsin, in that order. The Great Lakes region accounted for 33.6 percent of all state boat registrations in 2020.

NMMA members receive unlimited complimentary access to the digital versions of the annual U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract. Bookmark www.nmma.org/statistics/publications/statistical-abstract for direct and easy access. Members can also pre-order copies of the print version of the complete Abstract and have it mailed by clicking here.

Visit www.nmma.org/statistics or contact intel@nmma.org for more information.

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