Pelican Isle Yacht Club Selected Platinum Club of the World

Pelican Isle Yacht Club has been selected as a Platinum Club of the World in the top 50 Yacht Club category, which is awarded internationally.

Initiated in 2013, the Platinum Clubs of the World vote takes place every other year and is conducted through a worldwide vote of an international panel of industry experts, historians and connoisseurs. These industry leaders vote for clubs that meet the seven Platinum Clubs of the World Selection Criteria.

The seven criteria for a club to be considered for selection as a Platinum Club of the World include universal recognition; respected membership; excellence in amenities and facilities; exceptional service standards; adaptation to changing times; management and operations; and overall experience.

This year, the Top 50 Platinum Yacht Clubs of the World have been elected for the first time through Platinum Clubs of the World, which demonstrates how truly global the yachting lifestyle has become.

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Voters are requested to select clubs in four categories: Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, City Clubs and Yacht Clubs. The top 100 Golf and Country Clubs, top 100 City Clubs and the top 50 Yacht Clubs are acknowledged with Platinum status until the next vote in November 2022.

Previously voted the #7 Yacht Club in America, this is the fourth consecutive placement for Pelican Isle Yacht Club on the Platinum Clubs list.

Pelican Isle Yacht Club re-opened in January 2018 following a $5.2 million dollar clubhouse renovation. The club is situated just five minutes from Wiggins Pass on the Cocohatchee River in North Naples, Florida and is Naples’ only private island club.