PIANC Seeks Members for Alternative Fuels Working Group

PIANC HQ is re-launching RecCom Working Group 217 on “Alternative Fuels for Recreational Vessels.” This working group report will identify the new requirements for marinas to serve recreational vessels with new propulsion systems. The main focus is on electric propulsion, but other systems may be considered. The proposed scope of work is to:

  • Review case studies of alternative fuel systems on recreational craft.
  • Assess the potential uses and likely take-up of alternative fuel systems.
  • Identify the infrastructure and equipment needs given a significant market take-up.
  • Provide recommendations on how to provide for these needs in design guidelines for new and existing marinas.

Those interested in applying for a position on the working group, should send a CV to the PIANC USA Secretariat (PIANC@usace.army.mil) by March 10.

PIANC USA can appoint a (1) principal representative, (2) an alternate, and (3) a “young professional” – someone aged 40 and under – to a working group. The principal representative should be able to attend meetings of the working group, which are usually held in a European city, approximately twice per year. PIANC USA does not provide travel or per diem expenses for working group participants, so this support must be provided by the individual or his/her agency/company.

Working Group Members should either be an individual member of PIANC, working for a corporate member, be an invited expert or a be a member of a sister organization. Working group meetings are usually held twice a year in a participating member nation. To renew a membership with PIANC, visit https://pianc.us/membership/ or contact PIANC@usace.army.mil.

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