RBFF Announces Grant Recipients

Through its State R3 Program Grants, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has awarded funds to seven programs in seven states. Now in its tenth year, the State R3 Program Grants’ goal is to support state recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) initiatives to increase fishing and boating participation.

RBFF is providing approximately $157,500 in grants this year, and seven state agencies are contributing more than $290,000 in project funds and in-kind support, bringing the total amount of funding support to more than $503,000 for these programs.

The 2024 State R3 Program Grants support state agency R3 initiatives and plans in three focus areas:

  • Communicate the relevance of fishing and/or boating to urban, multicultural audiences to increase participation
  • Implement angler and/or boater customer engagement strategies to retain and/or reactivate anglers and boaters to increase participation
  • Enhance the capability of agencies to develop and implement effective angler and/or boater R3 efforts

The State R3 Program Grants fund sustainable and replicable angler and boater R3 initiatives and plans that focus on increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations to help increase fishing and boating participation. Proposals are reviewed and selected by RBFF staff and a Proposal Review Working Group made up of industry, federal agency and NGO representatives.

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The 2024 grantees include:

  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission: 2024 R3 Fishing Plan
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Hispanic Angler Communication Methods Marketing Campaign
  • Georgia Division of Wildlife Resources: Gateway to Fishing Program’s, Atlanta Fishing Guide
  • Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife: IN DNR Marketing Campaign for Female Angler Retention and Reactivation
  • Ohio Division of Wildlife: Netting New Recruits: Leveraging a CRM to Extend the Efficacy of Marketing Recruitment Efforts: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Text Messages to Lapsed Boaters: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Utah R3 Underserved Communities Marketing Campaign – Phase II

The State R3 Program Grants are partially funded by RBFF under cooperative agreement #F23AC00806 from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

To learn more about the State R3 Program Grants and other initiatives, visit RBFF’s website.