Renovated Docks at Rhode Island Marina Nearly Complete

Brewer Cowesett Bay Marina is a 750-slip facility located on Greenwich Bay in the northwest corner of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. When the marina suffered some ice damage to one of its docks a few years ago, the staff knew that it would have to be replaced to keep its customers happy.

“We looked at some different options,” said Matt St. Angelo, assistant general manager at the marina. The managers chose Meeco Sullivan to replace the dock, with 36 custom slips, as well as part of the Freedom Boat Club area. The company was able to use the existing 25 piles that held the marina’s existing concrete whaler docks in place.

Meeco Sullivan won the contract in the late summer of 2017 and delivered the docks in early December. It built a heavy-duty timber floating dock system with IPE decking, which is easy to maintain and can withstand the harsh northeast weather and saltwater environment.

The marina staff did the installation, and they were pleased that all of the piles lined up to the new docks without the need for any pile relocation or adjusting of pile guides. Workers are currently in the process of running power to these new docks.

The replaced docks are on the north yard, designed to be a lively, upbeat area with restaurants and bands, according to St. Angelo. The marina’s south side is reserved for people looking for a quieter boating experience.