Renovations Continue at San Diego Facility

Driscoll Boatworks on Shelter Island in San Diego, California, now has a new 150-ton mobile hoist from Marine Travelift Inc. as part of the facility’s $4.5 million renovation project. Gerald Driscoll founded the company in 1947, and it is still family-owned after three generations. The mobile hoist replaced a 150-ton hoist that served the yard since the last renovation in 1992. The proposed renovation project is pending the renewal of the company’s lease with the Port of San Diego. Other proposed improvements include replacing the 88-ton mobile hoist and adding 200 linear feet of marginal wharf, 500 linear feet of new floating docks and renovation of the existing fixed pier to accommodate larger vessels. Proposed upland improvements include resurfacing the concrete yard, adding two new boat sheds, renovating the existing building space to provide 4,000 square feet for subtenants and storage and constructing a new 3,000-square-foot administration building. The renovation will also replace the storm and wastewater recycling system and add 7,000 square feet of solar panels.