Scuttlebutt Partners With Boat Fix

Scuttlebutt® the first, free social media platform designed specifically for the boating community, has partnered with Boat Fix to deliver a social media experience, combined with a service to protect a boat owner’s investment. The partnership includes a special offer – users who sign up for the free Scuttlebutt social network and download the free Scuttlebutt app will get a free Boat Fix monitoring device ($199 value) with a pre-paid annual subscription to the Boat Fix service for $240.

The recently launched Scuttlebutt social network app eliminates the need for multiple, independent  mobile tools, while incorporating the sharing capabilities of other popular social media platforms. The app allows boaters to find new friends and connect with like-minded fishing, power and sail boaters. The app also has a map function, with wind and precipitation overlays and can tap into live weather buoy information including wave heights, wind gusts, humidity and water temperature.

Boat Fix is a telematics-driven systems monitoring, tracking, alert and 24/7 mechanical support service. The Boat Fix service monitors a boat’s key systems and tracks location, speed and other GPS elements, provides alerts when there are any potential issues, and offers a 24/7 call center with live mechanics to solve most issues that arise when on a boat.

The Scuttlebutt app is available for free on both iPhone and Android mobile devices. To learn how the app works, click here. For more information on Scuttlebutt, please visit The app is available as a free download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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The Boat Fix hardware can be ordered through the Scuttlebutt app, or at