U.S. Powerboat Show Has Record Year

The 48th annual United States Powerboat Show in Annapolis closed on October 6 having displayed more boats, occupied more square footage, and entertained more guests than any of its previous years.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the response we received to our show this year,” said Paul Jacobs, president of the Annapolis Boat Shows. “Manufacturer and dealer contracts grew across the board and buyers came out in large numbers to reward them for their effort. Nearly every exhibitor we talked to had positive reports of solid sales numbers, long lead lists, and happy customers.”

The Annapolis U.S. Powerboat and U.S. Sailboat shows produce nearly a half million dollars in rent revenue to the City of Annapolis, create a reported $112,000,000 economic impact in Maryland, and are the economic engine that drives the mid-Atlantic maritime industry.

“This year was one of best Powerboat Shows we have been to. We spoke to a great amount of qualified buyers, have a ton of deals in the works, and saw a farther geographical representation of attendees than past years,” Dustin Howard, vice president, national sales manager at LH Finance, said.

The 2019 U.S. Powerboat Show saw space sales increase by 3 percent (2.95) over last year and were .9 percent greater than the best show in the event’s history. Paid attendance came in 10 percent (9.95) greater than 2018 and eclipsed the record attendance by 3.4 percent.