VesselVanguard Retained by Lauderdale Marine Services and Propwash

Lauderdale Marine Services of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Propwash, LLC of Clearwater, Florida, have retained VesselVanguard to facilitate services for yacht owners.

VesselVanguard is a cloud-based fleet management system that offers automated management task notifications, user set-up and management controls and warranty management reporting. The companies Fleet Management Dashboard provides vessel readiness status, short-term maintenance requirements and historic boat records.

Lauderdale Marine Services and Propwash, LLC offer full-service management services for large and superyachts including arrangements for captains and crews, maintenance services, charter management and registrations for U.S. and foreign vessels.

“We use VesselVanguard to keep us informed of the routine service requirements of our client’s yachts, and our clients like that they can see at a glance what is needed without getting involved in the detail,” said John Anderson, Lauderdale Marine Services.

“We use VesselVanguard to stay informed so we can pre-empt our customers questions,” said Michael Atwell of Propwash, LLC. “Our clients can easily see what equipment-manufacturers are recommending before we schedule tasks for completion, and we can plan our entire business day using the solution. In addition, when the unexpected happens on the water, the mobile app can record those events in real-time with pictures or videos, and save everything to the digital Ship’s Log—aiding in efficient maintenance planning when back at the dock.”