Fernandina Harbor Restoration Well Underway

Restoration of Fernandina Harbor Marina, a Westrec property, is well underway following the devastation that occurred when Hurricane Matthew hit the marina in October 2016.

Fernandina Harbor Marina experienced near catastrophic damage during the storm. A staff of seven was reduced to two; transient boaters were no longer accepted; the 1,120-foot wave attenuator that protected 41 boats failed to maintain its integrity; four of nine docks were left inaccessible; the café’s walkway broke away from the building taking with it electrical, water, fire, sewage and fuel lines; and, the dock store lifted off its foundation resting at a 25-degree angle. Early estimates for repairs ranged from $10 to $15 million.

Repairs have been made to restore basic services for 41 long-term and commercial vessels, and some damaged docks and gangways have been replaced; however, additional work and budget is still necessary.

For Westrec and the city, getting underway is critical both to restore employment and to begin to recoup some $4.1 million cash flow lost in the two years since the storm.

“The necessary U.S. Army Corps of Engineer permits for reconstruction were issued earlier this year. The contract for repairs—estimated at $6.5 million—has been authorized. Work is expected begin in the next six to eight weeks, with completion tentatively expected in late May 2019.