Green Pond Landing and Event Center Gets Floating Docks

The City of Anderson, South Carolina, is adding new floating docks from Marina Technologies (MTI) as part of a $2 million expansion of Green Pond Landing and Event Center. The Center, located on Lake Hartwell, has long been the home of many Bass Master Classic fishing tournaments.

The new docks will be 10×240-feet with a 12×40-foot-long tee-end. “Our dock system is able to provide all the challenging requirements for this demanding application,” said Bob Berry, MTI project development manager. “The lake levels may vary as much as 29 feet seasonally, so the docks along the boat ramp needed to be ground-out capable. Because of the large crowds on the docks during events, the dock live-load is greater than 40 PSF and needed to have maximum stability. The site is also quite exposed, so wind and wave loading were a factor.

“There are also significant utilities on the docks, so top access to utility troughs was a requirement,” he added.

Marina Technologies is using its aluminum dock system with non-skid aluminum decking, internal pile guides for 12-inch steel pipe piles, dual top-access utility troughs with aluminum cover panels, adjustable cleats, silent, flexible rubber dock connections, 16-inch-deep timber fenders on each side, and six-sided high-stability concrete floats with bottom-mounted timber skids. The county’s marina consultant, Applied Technology & Management (ATM), handled the permitting, planning, design criteria, and construction/administrative services.

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Belk Company LLC was expected to install the boat ramp, docks and piles in early August. In addition to the docks, the project at Green Pond Landing and Event Center includes two more boat ramps, increased parking and a new 1300-seat amphitheater and stage. The state’s Department of Natural Resources is providing $1 million towards the project.