NH Wakeboard Bill Overwhelmingly Opposed

Earlier this month, a bill (HB 229) that would define a “wake boat” was hotly debated and overwhelmingly opposed before the New Hampshire House Resources Committee, which drew praise from recreational boating industry stakeholders. While in person testimony was nearly evenly split for and against the measure, more than 1,220 people joined the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Water Sports Industry Association in registering opposition to the bill, with only 132 registering support.

NMMA opposes HB 229 because it is the basis of an effort to pass future legislation banning or overregulating wake boats on public New Hampshire waters. Specifically, the bill definition only includes boats that use ballast to create surfable wakes. If a law were written using the definition proposed in HB 229, it would only and erroneously focus on specialty boats.

The committee is expected to vote on the measure in coming weeks. NMMA will continue to advocate against its passage.

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