Top of Your Game

This issues touches on some important topics: environmental responsibility, hurricane preparedness and renovations, electrical safety, and industry participation and leadership. These timely articles will help you stay at the top of your game.

We have a number of articles that cover environmental responsibility, starting with our annual Clean Marina survey. We’ve tallied up all the Clean Marina numbers across the country and talked with state programs about what’s new and what’s next. Is your facility a Clean Marina?

Washington state has taken the lead on copper bottom paint regulations. The state is stepping back on those standards for now, thanks in part to strong involvement from the Northwest Marine Trades Association and the industry.

We have an update on the latest legislation. Are you up to date on all state permit regulations?

In California, different opponents to recreational boating are a real threat to business there. The Marine Recreation Association hosts the annual Congressional Boating Congress in Sacramento to educate legislators about the importance of the recreational boating industry in the state. Are you a leader in your state?

In this issue, Gary Loftis will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how to properly test electric currents and what is acceptable and what is not. Do you know if your marina is safe?

This magazine is your guide to the industry’s most pressing issues and education on the most important topics for your business. Are you informed and ready to be the best business you can be? We hope so, but we’d also always love to hear from you. What do you want to learn more about? What issues do you struggle with at your marina, or what have you successfully overcome?

We’re also taking proposals for education at The Docks Expo. Visit for the official submission guidelines, or feel free to contact me at or Wendy Larimer at Thanks to everyone that has submitted great topic proposals already. Who’s at the top of their game?

And don’t forget our annual photo contest. We’re accepting photos until June 11. Visit for more information. The winners will be featured in the July/August issue, and you may submit photos from anytime of the year, taken after last year’s contest.